Tyler Tomkinson, DDS, DADBA

Associate Anesthesiologist

Dr. Tomkinson is very excited to join Dental Anesthesia Associates and return to California part time.  He has a passion for anesthesia and patient care in a multitude of settings. Currently, Dr. Tomkinson resides in Arizona with his two children.   He also travels to Virginia to help provide anesthesia in rural areas where access to care is very limited.

Dr. Tomkinson received his training in dental medicine at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California.  He continued his dental and medical training at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio.  During this year of hospital-based dentistry, he developed a strong interest in clinical anesthesia and decided to pursue further education in order to provide these critical services for patients.

Dr. Tomkinson completed his post doctoral training in dental anesthesia at Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island, NY.  He treated adults and children with special needs and medically complex conditions.  As part of his residency, he expanded his training to treat patients in a mobile setting.  In addition to working at a busy university hospital, Dr. Tomkinson spent several months providing anesthesia services for veterans at Northport VA Medical Center.

After completing his residency, Dr. Tomkinson has been providing anesthesia services in the mobile setting in Colorado, Virginia, Arizona and now California. He is dedicated to provide access to care and high-quality anesthesia for those in need.

In his spare time, Dr. Tomkinson enjoys exploring the outdoors through running trails, biking, camping, and cooking.  He also loves to travel and explore new and interesting places and cultures.